A few words about our company

We have extensive experience
in film production

Since 2012, we have been involved in the production of film productions, i.e. advertising spots, corporate films, music videos and short and full-length feature films. We’ve worked with artists such as Julia Pietrucha and Zespół Farba, athletes- Michał Karmowski, Jakub Mauricz, Blessing Awodibu, Majewski Trenuje and companies –  the gym network City Fit, Zdunek, Swissmed, Trec Nutrition and Kabaret Ewan.

Our film productions are available at www.aurorapicturesstudios.com

We are developing and, therefore, we decided to conquer the new industry. We’re starting production of pornographic films!

What the production process of the porn movie looks like ?

01. Acceptance of the order

At this stage, we also prepare the script                                                            (if the client ordered such a service)

02. Planning and shooting

Planning the shots and preparing the equipment needed to perform the service

03. Film editing and post-production process

Editing, coloring the film and preparing it for the client on a storage medium

04. Handing the finished movie to the customer

Handing the client a ready-made video on a pendrive